Bright Supernova User's manual

The Bright supernova web page has been around for more than 26 years now in one form or another.   The purpose of this page is to present the most up to date supernova information available.   There are 2 entry points, a framed version and an unfamed version.   There is also a special cell phone version and a machine readable version.   These pages are updated just about every day.   I also update the brightness of the brighter objects on a daily basis.   For people with slow internet, you can turn off all of the images with this link.

How to use these pages:
In the upper right corner of the main page you will find a list of the brightest supernovae sorted by brightness.   This list has the name of the supernova (which is a link) followed by the magnitude, type, and host name.   This list is automatically updated every time I update the page.

There are 2 types of entries, long and short.   The long entries follow this format:

Short entries have the following format:




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