2020 Conjunction News

Photos by members:

Rick Albrecht: 2020 Dec 21 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction closest approach.

Note from Rick Albrecht: who had clear skies in Atlanta.

Last night I was fortunate to have clear skies.  However, the atmosphere that close to the horizon we pretty rough.  The image at the following link is a composite of three different exposures to cover the huge brightness range of the objects.  The camera was Canon EOS 1DXiii capturing 20MP at 20fps, when the exposure allowed that rate.  The scope is C11-HD with a Canon 2X extender giving 5600mm FL.  Exposures were 1/6s, 1/50s, and 1/200s at ISO 2500.  Note that Saturn is about as far from Jupiter as some of the Jovian moons get.

Images were processed in AutoStakkert and RegiStax.  Thanks much to Dan Kuchta for his help in getting me started on those two software packages.  I’m amazed at how those packages can clean up what the atmosphere can do to an image.  There was some final processing in Photoshop. 

John Kerr: Friday Dec 18 View.

Dan Kutcha: Dec 18 view

Dan Kutcha: Dec 18

Bill Schlein: Dec 18

Chris Elder: Dec 18.

In this image, the 4th Galilean Satellite of Jupiter is visible.

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